Fast facts

Key facts and figures on topics related to violence against women and their children.

Violence against women: Accurate use of key statistics

Published June 2018

A quick reference guide to key statistics on violence against women in Australia for use by the media and other commentators.

AIHW Report 2018: Fact sheet

Published March 2018

Highlights impacts of family, domestic and sexual violence on women's health and wellbeing.

Personal Safety Survey 2016: Fact sheet

Published November 2017

Summarises key statistics from newly released data in the ABS Personal Safety Survey 2016.

Violence against women: Key statistics

Published May 2014

These Fast Facts include rates of violence against women and men and key statistics about women’s experiences of violence.

Indigenous family violence

Published May 2014

Provides a brief outline of statistics on interpersonal violence for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.


Burden of Disease

Published October 2016

High resolution graphics from the Burden of Disease Compass paper.