Perpetrator Interventions Research Stream

About the Perpetrator Interventions Research Stream

The Commonwealth Government has commissioned ANROWS to implement a dedicated Perpetrator Interventions Research Stream. The research stream is a priority within the Second Action Plan and Third Action Plan of the National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children 2010-2022. The Perpetrator Interventions Research Stream is funded by the Commonwealth Government to support states and territories to implement the National Outcome Standards for Perpetrator Interventions (NOSPI), developed by the Australian Commonwealth, state and territory governments and endorsed by the Council of Australian Governments on 11 December 2015.

"Perpetrator interventions" refers to the many interventions with perpetrators of violence in Australia, including interfaces with the community sector, and interventions within the context of the civil, criminal, child protection and family law systems, in addition to men's behaviour change programs and other related programs.

The program comprises 12 projects with total funding of just over $1.8 million. ANROWS expects to be announcing additional research in this area in relation to Research Priority 4.2 Understanding role of Lore, law, justice, and culture in interventions with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perpetrators in early 2018.

Project summaries

The Perpetrator Interventions Research Priorities 2017-19 research stream comprises projects under four strategic research themes:

  1. System effectiveness;
  2. Effectiveness of interventions;
  3. Models to address diversity of perpetrators; and
  4. Interventions developed by, with and for Indigenous communities

The project summaries linked below provide a brief overview of each project, along with information about who is undertaking the project, and project length and cost. These pages will be updated with further information and project reports as the work progresses.

1. System effectiveness

PI.17.01 Improved accountability – the role of perpetrator intervention systems Project commenced early 2017
PI.17.02 Perpetrator interventions in Australia: A national study of judicial views and sentencing practice for domestic violence offenders Project commenced early 2017

2. Effectiveness of interventions

PI.17.03 Evaluation readiness, program quality and outcomes in men's behaviour change programs Project commenced early 2017
PI.17.04 Defining quality of life indicators for measuring perpetrator intervention effectiveness Project commenced early 2017
PI.17.12 Engaging men: Invitational-narrative approaches Project commenced mid-2017
PI.17.13 Exploring the client-worker relationship in men's behaviour change programs Project commenced mid-2017

3. Models to address diversity of perpetrators

PI.17.05 Evaluating community-based approaches to sexual offender reintegration Project commenced early 2017
PI.17.06 Invisible practices: Intervention with fathers who use violence Completed Dec 18
PI.17.07 Good practice in delivering and evaluating interventions for young people with harmful sexual behaviours Project commenced early 2017
PI.17.08 The PIPA project: Positive interventions for perpetrators of adolescent violence in the home Project commenced early 2017
PI.17.09 Developing and testing LGBTIQ programs for perpetrators and survivors of domestic and family violence Project commenced early 2017
PI.17.10 Best practice principles for interventions with domestic and family violence perpetrators from refugee backgrounds Project commenced early 2017

Research Stream documentation

Perpetrator Interventions state of knowledge papers

ANROWS Perpetrator Interventions Research Priorities 2017-19: Summary, Nov 2017 (Word) (2.1 MB)

ANROWS Perpetrator Interventions Research Priorities 2017-20: Summary, Nov 2017 (pdf) (227KB)

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