Violence against women in Australia: Additional analysis of the Australian Bureau of Statistics' Personal Safety Survey, 2012

Thursday, 22nd October 2015

This ANROWS research project provides substantial additional analysis of data collected in the Australian Bureau of Statistics' (ABS) 2012 Personal Safety Survey (PSS).

The PSS is the most comprehensive quantitative study of interpersonal violence in Australia. The survey is administered by the ABS and funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services. More than 17,000 women and men completed the 2012 survey.

The PSS is currently a largely untapped resource - even the publicly available PSS data has yet to be fully explored and applied to the most obviously relevant research and policy contexts. The analysis completed in this project provides several hundred new statistical items related to violence against women, Almost all the data is new - not only has this information not be readily available to the public before, but the datatables themeslves have not been generated previously.

The Horizons report (in-depth research report) for this project is available below. A Compass (research to policy and practice) paper is also available as part of this project. Data tables by the ABS and ANROWS used in this report are also available below. 


Violence against women: Additional analysis of the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ Personal Safety Survey, 2012 (6.24 MB)

Tables A1-A3 - Experience of violence.xlsx (229.77 KB)

Tables A4-A11 - Most recent experience of violence, Selected types of violence.xlsx (199.18 KB)

Tables A12-A16 - Most recent experience of violence, Sexual assault.xlsx (389.78 KB)

Tables A17-A22 - Partner violence and emotional abuse, Prevalence.xlsx (365.49 KB)

Tables A23-A28 - Experience of partner violence and emotional abuse, Characteristics of partner violence.xlsx (322.96 KB)

Tables A29-A31 - Experience of abuse before the age of 15.xlsx (171.5 KB)

 Tables A32-A34 - Experience of multiple incidents.xlsx (144 KB)

Tables A35 - Experience of multiple types of violence.xlsx (108.44 KB)