Perpetrator Interventions Research Stream projects underway

Late in 2016, successful projects for research grants under the Perpetrator Interventions Research Stream were announced.

This is a timely and exciting research program with a wide range of projects examining the effectiveness of the existing system and interventions, exploring program models for different groups of perpetrators with varied offending behaviours, and appropriate interventions that have been developed by, for, and with Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people. Importantly, researchers and practitioners from all states and territories are leading or engaging with the projects, ensuring contextual views and site locations from across Australia inform the outcomes of the research program. Central to all funded research is the experience and views of women who have experienced violence, the importance of engaging and retaining perpetrators in intervention programs, and ensuring perpetrators are held accountable for their actions.

A key element required for all research developed through the Stream is an Evidence to Action process where researchers are to undertake innovative knowledge translation and exchange activities to communicate their findings in a way that influences the work of practitioners, policy makers, and other interested parties.

It is anticipated that additional successful projects for this stream will be announced in the coming months. ANROWS will provide research updates as they become available, and a full list of funded projects is available on the ANROWS website.

The Perpetrator Intervention Stream is funded by the Australian Government.