Peer assessment and review

The peer assessment process enables ANROWS to review grant applications and commission research impartially and on merit. Peer assessment refers to the independent review of each application by others who work, or have worked, in the field of violence against women.

Peer assessors are researchers, practitioners, community leaders and government policy-makers who assist ANROWS ensure the quality of its research, products and services. They provide ANROWS with the expertise required to support the building of a solid evidence base to reduce the impact of violence against women and their children.

ANROWS uses peer assessment and review as an important part of the rigorous and transparent process undertaken for assessing research and developing its publications. This process, underpinned by principles and guidelines developed in accordance with national and international standards, helps ensure that ANROWS’s research and publications are of the highest quality.

To apply to become an ANROWS Peer Assessor, please email