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Violence against women and their children affects everybody. It impacts on the health, wellbeing and safety of a significant proportion of Australians throughout all states and territories and places an enormous burden on the nation’s economy across family and community services, health and hospitals, income-support and criminal justice systems.


News and events

ANROWS host events as part of its knowledge translation and exchange work, including public lectures, workshops and research launches. Details of upcoming ANROWS, and stakeholder events, along with sector news is available from the list on the right.



ANROWS was established by the Commonwealth and all state and territory governments of Australia to produce, disseminate and assist in applying evidence for policy and practice addressing violence against women and their children.



To support the take-up of evidence, ANROWS offers a range of resources developed from research to support practitioners and policy-makers in delivering evidence-based interventions.

Research Program

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Projects with Action Research

The Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Projects with Action Research (CALD PAR) initiative is funded by the Department of Social Services and continues until November 2019.

Through this initiative, ANROWS is assisting 26 organisations across Australia to apply an action research approach to their projects that work with culturally and linguistically diverse CALD communities on issues of family and domestic violence. This approach supports organisations to collect valuable information during the life of the project, evaluate the effectiveness of their activities and share findings and lessons for future practice.

During this initiative, ANROWS will host three national workshops on action research, the prevention of gender-based violence and safer pathways for CALD communities to use mainstream services. In partnership with Our Watch, ANROWS is also supporting a Community of Practice to encourage the 26 organisations to build strong networks and regularly share ideas, successes and challenges.

Eighteen projects are focusing on the prevention of violence against women and their children in local communities, and eight projects aim to create safer pathways for women and their children to access mainstream crisis and support services.

The central goal of action research is to create positive change and develop practical solutions to local problems. It offers flexibility and collaboration and contributes to building a body of evidence during the course of everyday work. Action research requires ongoing reflection on project directions and outcomes. It provides organisations with opportunities to adapt and change project activities (if this is required due to changed circumstances or indicated by the information gathered) to ensure that better outcomes are achieved. Action research encourages an open exploration of what is and what is not working and supports innovation without fear of failure.

The CALD PAR initiative builds on lessons learned from the ANROWS Building Safe Communities for Women and their Children (BSCW) action research initiative that supported 40 projects to develop and implement solutions to reduce violence against women and their children in local communities. The BSCW final report and a compendium of stories can be found on the ANROWS website.

Summaries of the diverse and innovative work of these CALD PAR projects are accessible below. Working documents from Workshop 2 are available here.

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Projects with Action Research (CALD PAR)

CALD Communities Leading Prevention Stream

Read the prevention project summaries

Companion House (ACT)
A Celebration of Culture and Respect

Migrant and Refugee Settlement Services of the ACT (ACT)
Men’s Outreach Workshops (MOW)

Asian Women at Work Sisters in Strength (NSW)
SiSters (Sharing in Strength)

Boronia Multicultural Services (NSW)
Let’s take the Lead − Keeping our women, children and community safe

Ethnic Communities’ Council of NSW (NSW)
Men Against Violence

South West Sydney Legal Centre (NSW)
Creating Connections in Schools to Empower CALD Communities

SydWest Multicultural Services
Domestic Violence Prevention Project

Western Sydney Local Health District / Multicultural Health Sydney (NSW)
‘Rich cultures should have Rich relationships’: Primary prevention domestic violence project with Sudanese and Punjabi communities in Western Sydney

South’s Community Hub (QLD)
Free of violence − Community to all

Relationships Australia South Australia (SA)
The Good Life

Australian Centre for Human Rights and Health (VIC)
Mutual Relational Respect

Australian Greek Welfare (Pronia) (VIC)
Let’s make respect a reality

Centre for Holistic Health (VIC)
Facilitating Responsible and Non-Stigmatising Attitudes and Practices Towards Domestic Violence in the Chinese Community

Loddon Campaspe Multicultural Services (VIC)
Healthy Multicultural Families

VICSEG New Futures (VIC)
Cultural Playgroups in Diverse Communities – Promoting Family and Community Safety

Wellsprings for Women (VIC)
Women’s Health and Safety Program

Women’s Health in the North (VIC)
Side By Side

Save the Children (WA)
Strength 2 Strength

Safer Pathways for CALD Women Stream

Read the safer pathways project summaries

Catholic Care Social Services Southern QLD (Centre Care Toowoomba) (QLD)
Building Links Empowering South Sudanese (BLESS)

George Street Neighbourhood Centre (QLD)
Safer Pathways for CALD Women

Townsville Multicultural Support Group (QLD)
Safer Pathways for CALD Women

Welcoming Intercultural Neighbours (QLD)
Safer Pathways for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Women: Capricornia Families are Everyone’s Business

Women’s Legal Services (SA)
Ask Maria

Ballarat Community Health (VIC)
Safer Pathways for Refugee and Immigrant Women, Ballarat and Western Victoria

Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health (VIC)
Making the Links − Building Safer Pathways for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Women in Regional Victoria

Save the Children Australia (VIC)
Safer Pathways

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