ANROWS publications

ANROWS suite of publications

ANROWS produces and publishes new and innovative and relevant research on domestic, family and sexual violence through its suite of publications. The publications aim to meet the evidence needs of policy-makers and practitioners as well as the broader public.

The publications suite includes:

  • ANROWS Compass - Research to practice and policy papers - concise papers that summarise key findings of research on violence against women and their children, including research produced under ANROWS’s research program, and provide advice on the implications for policy and practice. 
  • ANROWS Fast Facts - key facts and figures on topics related to violence against women and their children.
  • ANROWS Footprints - thematic publications focused on communicating new, innovative and emerging research, policy and practice addressing violence against women and their children.
  • ANROWS Horizons - Research reports - technical reports on empirical research produced under ANROWS’s Research Program. These in-depth reports provide methodological detail and findings that are likely to be of primary use to researchers or professionals significantly engaged with the topic.
  • ANROWS Insights - ANROWS’s work including submissions, speeches, presentations and multimedia publications.
  • ANROWS Landscapes - State of knowledge paper - medium length papers that scope current knowledge on an issue related to violence against women and their children. 
  • ANROWS Notepad - fortnightly newsletter providing updates on the latest research, events, training, stakeholder news and issues in the media.
  • ANROWS Special Collections - annotated resource collections focusing on specific themes.

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