Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Projects with Action Research (CALD PAR) initiative

The Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Projects with Action Research (CALD PAR) initiative is funded by the Department of Social Services and runs from November 2016 until November 2019.

Through this initiative, ANROWS is assisting 26 organisations across Australia to apply an action research approach into their projects that work with CALD communities on issues of family and domestic violence. This approach supports organisations to collect valuable daily information during the life of the project and to document the lessons learned.

ANROWS will support these organisations to design, implement, document, and share findings. It also will host three national conferences and support the creation of a community of practice to encourage organisations to build strong networks and routinely share ideas, successes, challenges, and lessons.

Eighteen of these projects focus on solutions that will prevent violence against women and their children in local communities, and eight projects aim to create safer pathways for women and their children to access mainstream crisis and support services.

The central goal of action research is to create positive change and uncover practical solutions to local problems. It offers flexibility, collaboration, and is intended to build up a body of evidence during the course of everyday work that can inform similar initiatives. It requires ongoing reflection on project directions and outcomes and provides organisations with opportunities to adapt and change project activities - if required by changed circumstances or indicated through information gathered – to ensure that better outcomes are achieved. Action research encourages an open exploration of what is and what is not working and supports innovation without fear of failure.

The CALD PAR initiative builds upon lessons from the ANROWS Building Safe Communities for Women and their Children (BSCW) Action Research Initiative that supported 40 projects to develop and implement solutions to reduce violence against women and their children in local communities. The final report and a compendium of stories from the BSCW initiative are accessible on the ANROWS website.

Summaries of the diverse and innovative work of the CALD PAR projects, will soon be added to the website.