Kungas’ trauma experiences and effects on behaviour in Central Australia

Project summary - RP.17.12

This project is a pilot study which aims to understand Central Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women’s experiences of trauma, effects on behaviour, and subsequent incarceration. This action research project will be undertaken through the Kungas Stopping Violence Program and will include key stakeholders within the community to better understand trauma and violence, while highlighting the need for coordinated service responses. 


This pilot study will use an Action Research methodology with purposive sampling (clients of Kungas). Interviews will be completed with women who have participated in the program, along with internal and external stakeholders. 

The central qualitative approach will be ‘dadirri’, an approach involving sitting and listening to participants. Interviews will be undertaken using dadirri. A number of interview analysis techniques will be used including dadirri, thematic analysis, and statement alignment with key themes.

Priority populations

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, women who are, or have been, incarcerated (as explicit topic). 


Project Lead

Ms Miriam Bevis, North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency

Research expertise

  1. Prof Judy Atkinson, We Al-li Trust
  2. Dr Michelle Sweet, Menzies School of Health Research
  3. Ms Leisa McCarthy, Menzies School of Health Research

Project length

< 1 year