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    The NCAS

    The NCAS tells us how people understand violence against women, their attitudes towards it, what influences their attitudes, and if there has been a change over time.

    The report

    The National Community Attitudes towards Violence against Women and Gender Equality Survey.


  • Resources

    The 2017 NCAS

    A collection of resources to help assist in the communication of NCAS findings and messages.

    The report

    The National Community Attitudes towards Violence against Women and Gender Equality Survey.


  • The NCAS team

    The NCAS project is a unique, national, cross-university, cross-sector collaboration.

    It is led by ANROWS in partnership with researchers from the Social Research Centre, the University of Melbourne, RMIT University, the University of New South Wales, and VicHealth. Survey data was collected by the Social Research Centre. A diverse range of experts and stakeholders are involved in the NCAS through its governance structure.


    In addition to representatives from the Department of Social Services, the NCAS Implementation Group and Research Team responsible for planning and implementing the survey, includes:

    Ms Kim Webster

    Manager and lead author (NCAS), ANROWS

    Professor Jenny Morgan

    Melbourne Law School, The University of Melbourne (Implementation Group co-chair)

    Professor Julie Stubbs

    Faculty of Law, UNSW (Implementation Group co-chair)

    Dr Kristin Diemer

    Senior Research Fellow, Department of Social Work, The University of Melbourne

    Associate Professor Anastasia Powell

    Criminology and Justice Studies, RMIT University

    Dr Nikki Honey

    Research Director, Social Research Centre

    Ms Justine Mickle

    Project Officer (NCAS), ANROWS

    Ms Samantha Mannix

    Research Officer (NCAS), ANROWS

    Ms Violeta Marticorena Politoff

    Senior Research Officer (NCAS), ANROWS

    Ms Rosie Yasmin

    Research Officer (NCAS), ANROWS


    Download the NCAS summary report

    The National Community Attitudes towards Violence against Women and Gender Equality Survey


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