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    The NCAS

    The NCAS tells us how people understand violence against women, their attitudes towards it, what influences their attitudes, and if there has been a change over time.

    The report

    The National Community Attitudes towards Violence against Women and Gender Equality Survey.


  • Resources

    The 2017 NCAS

    A collection of resources to help assist in the communication of NCAS findings and messages.

    The report

    The National Community Attitudes towards Violence against Women and Gender Equality Survey.


  • The NCAS team

    The NCAS project is a unique, national, cross-university, cross-sector collaboration.

    It is led by ANROWS in partnership with researchers from the Social Research Centre, the University of Melbourne, RMIT University, the University of New South Wales, and VicHealth. Survey data was collected by the Social Research Centre. A diverse range of experts and stakeholders are involved in the NCAS through its governance structure.


    In addition to representatives from the Department of Social Services, the NCAS Implementation Group and Research Team responsible for planning and implementing the survey, includes:

    Ms Kim Webster

    Manager and lead author (NCAS), ANROWS

    Professor Jenny Morgan

    Melbourne Law School, The University of Melbourne (Implementation Group co-chair)

    Professor Julie Stubbs

    Faculty of Law, UNSW (Implementation Group co-chair)

    Dr Kristin Diemer

    Senior Research Fellow, Department of Social Work, The University of Melbourne

    Associate Professor Anastasia Powell

    Criminology and Justice Studies, RMIT University

    Dr Nikki Honey

    Research Director, Social Research Centre

    Ms Justine Mickle

    Project Officer (NCAS), ANROWS

    Ms Samantha Mannix

    Research Officer (NCAS), ANROWS

    Ms Violeta Marticorena Politoff

    Senior Research Officer (NCAS), ANROWS

    Ms Rosie Yasmin

    Research Officer (NCAS), ANROWS


    Download the NCAS summary report

    The National Community Attitudes towards Violence against Women and Gender Equality Survey


    🚨 RELEASED TODAY: Findings from our survey of 1,261 Australian victim-survivors of coercive control. We asked whether victim-survivors believed coercive control should be criminalised & what benefits they thought reform would have. Read here https://bridges.monash.edu/articles/report/Victim-survivors_views_on_the_criminalisation_of_coercive_control_in_Australia_Findings_from_a_national_survey/22309345 #Auslaw #DFV

    To mark #IWD2023, we hosted an expert panel of @_CEVAW researchers & partner organisations to discuss the challenges of progressing the elimination of #violenceagainstwomen in #Australia & the #IndoPacific.
    Thank you to our excellent panellists & all that were able to join us!👏

    Come work with us!
    The National Community Attitudes Survey (NCAS) team is #hiring! Come be part of this exciting work - measuring understanding, attitudes and rejection of violence against women.

    “Who cares? The courage to create an economy for all”
    Incredible speech from Chair of @ANROWS @sammostyn on the importance of listening to women. #iwd
    @PressClubAust #auspol

    “You can’t be what you can’t see”
    Padma Raman speaking at @FutureWomen for #IWD on the need for true diversity in the workplace.

    'You Can't Pour from an Empty Cup' was conducted BY and FOR First Nations people. Engaging over 200 people, 8 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander research teams, and using First Nations research methodologies, this new research sets the benchmark.
    #voice @QATSICPP_2018

    New research by @ANROWS regarding the alarming conduct of removal of First Nations children.

    Had some very important yarns with @NITV @SBSNews about the importance of the Rights of our children.

    One too many taken, but not one too many that we can’t fix this crises!

    First Nations people have been left out of decision-making - with devastating consequences.

    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander researchers and community members are calling for the urgent reprioritisation of funding.


    New research by @ANROWS @QATSICPP_2018 @ACU_ICPS found that current systems are causing lifelong harm to #FirstNations children impacted by #FamilyViolence. 8 ATSI community researchers developed this framework to heal their children. Incredible resource for all in this space.

    Child wellbeing must become a national policy priority so that First Nations kids & their families can get the help they need, in the ways that they need it. There are no shortcuts. This requires serious cross-portfolio & jurisdictional collaboration and commitment nationally. https://twitter.com/JennaPrice/status/1629969228559265794

    Failure to protect Indigenous children from violence at home ‘funnels’ them into crime, @ANROWS @QATSICPP_2018 & @ACU_ICPS report finds. Unsafe home env & lack of safe places to escape fam/violence create conditions that entangle chn in the justice system https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2023/feb/27/failure-to-protect-indigenous-children-from-violence-at-home-funnels-them-into-queensland-report-finds

    NEW RELEASE: First of its kind research in Australia engaged 8 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community research teams - uncovered the failure of services for children impacted by #familyviolence
    Read the full report https://bit.ly/3Z7hihc