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    The NCAS

    The NCAS tells us how people understand violence against women, their attitudes towards it, what influences their attitudes, and if there has been a change over time.

    The report

    The National Community Attitudes towards Violence against Women and Gender Equality Survey.


  • Resources

    The 2017 NCAS

    A collection of resources to help assist in the communication of NCAS findings and messages.

    The report

    The National Community Attitudes towards Violence against Women and Gender Equality Survey.


  • The NCAS team

    The NCAS project is a unique, national, cross-university, cross-sector collaboration.

    It is led by ANROWS in partnership with researchers from the Social Research Centre, the University of Melbourne, RMIT University, the University of New South Wales, and VicHealth. Survey data was collected by the Social Research Centre. A diverse range of experts and stakeholders are involved in the NCAS through its governance structure.


    In addition to representatives from the Department of Social Services, the NCAS Implementation Group and Research Team responsible for planning and implementing the survey, includes:

    Ms Kim Webster

    Manager and lead author (NCAS), ANROWS

    Professor Jenny Morgan

    Melbourne Law School, The University of Melbourne (Implementation Group co-chair)

    Professor Julie Stubbs

    Faculty of Law, UNSW (Implementation Group co-chair)

    Dr Kristin Diemer

    Senior Research Fellow, Department of Social Work, The University of Melbourne

    Associate Professor Anastasia Powell

    Criminology and Justice Studies, RMIT University

    Dr Nikki Honey

    Research Director, Social Research Centre

    Ms Justine Mickle

    Project Officer (NCAS), ANROWS

    Ms Samantha Mannix

    Research Officer (NCAS), ANROWS

    Ms Violeta Marticorena Politoff

    Senior Research Officer (NCAS), ANROWS

    Ms Rosie Yasmin

    Research Officer (NCAS), ANROWS


    Download the NCAS summary report

    The National Community Attitudes towards Violence against Women and Gender Equality Survey


    🌟 Calling all researchers! We have up to $2 million in grants for Australian-based research on preventing and responding to people who use violence.

    Submissions close Feb 11, 2024.

    #ResearchGrants #ResearchOpportunity #EndViolence #16Days #DFSV


    The board of ANROWS is pleased to announce our new CEO: Dr Tessa Boyd-Caine!

    Taking up the position in February 2024, Dr Boyd-Caine will lead ANROWS as CEO following her tenure as the inaugural CEO of @HealthJusticeAu.

    More: https://www.anrows.org.au/news/anrows-appoints-new-ceo/

    On 13 December, ANROWS will release the 2021 National Community Attitudes towards Violence against Women Survey (NCAS), Findings for young Australians.

    Join as we discuss the findings, and the change in attitudes of young Australians since the 2017 NCAS: https://newsletter.anrows.org.au/anrows-online-launch-ncas-2021-findings-for-young-australians?ecid=ACsprvu_qxAKITcAIkzUORxpBT3xH-GvoT5UJHxKuBjbfyPN13omT-9i6HZ1wgAklCvgc_iST8Nt

    Our recent work found that 46% of migrant and refugee women experienced workplace sexual harassment in the last five years

    - with gender, race and religious identity targeted #16DaysOfActivismAgainstGBV #16Days

    Link to the report: https://www.anrows.org.au/project/migrant-and-refugee-womens-attitudes-experiences-and-responses-to-sexual-harassment-in-the-workplace/

    On the eve of #16DaysofActivism, we're urging policymakers to delve into our latest summary report featuring five recommendations for embedding victim-survivor voices into public policy reforms.

    🆕New report!

    👉 As we approach #16DaysOfActivism, we're urging policymakers to dive into Dr Lisa Wheildon's summary report, "Toward meaningful engagement: Key findings for survivor co-production of public policy on gender-based violence."


    ANROWS's latest report has prompted renewed, important conversations about the need for Respectful Relationships Education in schools.

    #Respect #Education #Research


    Schools can play an important role in responding to, and ending, gender inequality and gender-based violence.

    ANROWS’s latest report emphasises that early and consistent intervention through education is important in addressing gender-based violence: https://www.anrows.org.au/publication/respectful-relationships-research-report/

    It's fantastic to see more and more innovations to prevent sexual violence coming from broader sectors like transport.
    This one, from @TransportforNSW, aims to make New South Wales safer - you can track #YourGround now by heading to .

    As Australia builds an evidence base to end domestic, family and sexual violence, it’s important that we're aligned to a common framework.

    The Australian National Research Agenda identifies the evidence we need, and how it should be produced: https://www.anrows.org.au/publication/australian-national-research-agenda-to-end-violence-against-women-and-children/

    ANROWS’s upcoming webinar covers our latest research on the effectiveness of Respectful Relationships Education.

    Emeritus Professor Helen Cahill (@UniMelb) joins a panel of experts, who will discuss the research and share their insights.

    Register now: https://share.hsforms.com/1sq7pS6P6QFeOlNoBVByCGwbofrr

    New evidence launching soon on effectiveness of respectful relationships education! Join ANROWS on 15 Nov for a webinar on outcomes of RRE and factors that influence success.