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Violence against women and their children affects everybody. It impacts on the health, wellbeing and safety of a significant proportion of Australians throughout all states and territories and places an enormous burden on the nation’s economy across family and community services, health and hospitals, income-support and criminal justice systems.


Knowledge transfer and exchange

ANROWS host activities as part of its knowledge transfer and exchange (KTE) work, including public lectures, workshops and research launches. Details of upcoming ANROWS activities and news are available from the list on the right.



ANROWS was established by the Commonwealth and all state and territory governments of Australia to produce, disseminate and assist in applying evidence for policy and practice addressing violence against women and their children.


Knowledge translation resources

To support the take-up of evidence, ANROWS offers a range of resources developed from research to support practitioners and policy-makers in delivering evidence-based interventions.

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2020–2022 ANROWS Core Grant Research Program

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Defining and responding to coercive control

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The ANROWS Register of Active Research

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Deliver research evidence which drives policy and practice to end violence against women and children.

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Who we are

Australia’s National Research Organisation for Women’s Safety Limited is an independent, not-for-profit research organisation established to produce evidence to support the reduction of violence against women and their children.


Warawarni-gu Guma Statement

Healing Together in Ngurin Ngarluma.

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ANROWS commends the Queensland Government for its focus on providing long-term, stable and affordable housing options for women and children escaping domestic and family violence. https://statements.qld.gov.au/statements/92313

Our paper now online in Journal of Family Violence, looking at children’s involvement in technology-facilitated coercive control in Australia. @MollyDragiewicz @DelanieWoodlock @DrBridgetHarris ping @eSafetyOffice @eSafetyWomen https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10896-021-00283-4?wt_mc=Internal.Event.1.SEM.ArticleAuthorOnlineFirst&utm_source=ArticleAuthorOnlineFirst&utm_medium=email&utm_content=AA_en_06082018&ArticleAuthorOnlineFirst_20210609

Hot off the press! Analysing patterns of tech abuse unveils novel gendered findings. More young women experience the Sexual Coercion Pattern and men the Humiliation Pattern. Impact also gendered. Co-authored with @hegarty_kelsey @lenasanci http://doi.org/10.1016/j.chb.2021.106897

Professor Cahill will also be speaking at this @ANROWS webinar about young people, consent and the Australian curriculum on 21 June. https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/41633423128348688

Excited 4 this co-authored paper just published! Health care providers need to see their critical role in improving the safety & wellbeing of women experiencing #IPV #DV but understand that this role involves supporting the woman in her individual choices. http://doi.org/10.1186/s12913-021-06582-2

“What’s Mum’s Password?”: Australian Mothers’ Perceptions of Children’s Involvement in Technology‑Facilitated Coercive Control is now out in @JOFVTweets @DelanieWoodlock @mike_salter @DrBridgetHarris @ACCAN_AU @Griffith_Uni @GriffithUniVC @ANROWS https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/JtroC2xZzgHpN9XBJcnI8cU?domain=rdcu.be

"Typically only around 10% or 15% of adult sexual assault victims report to police. The March 2021 increase shows that, under the right conditions, more victims will come forward," said Jackie Fitzgerald, Executive Director of @BOCSAR. https://www.bocsar.nsw.gov.au/Publications/BB/BB155-Report-Why-did-sexual-assault-reports-spike-in-March-2021.pdf

Always impressed by the novel, sometimes radical, and always pathbreaking work done in 🇦🇺 to address GBV. The work out of Monash, CQU, Griffith, ANROWS, etc, is something the US could learn from. https://twitter.com/Monash_Arts/status/1396701984267243522

A newly released @ANROWS synthesis connects findings from 20 research studies focusing on perpetrator interventions and identifies five elements that are required for improving services and systems to better respond to men’s use of violence #DomesticViolence #ViolenceAgainstWomen https://twitter.com/ANROWS/status/1402494283467280390

The recent federal budget allocated "$4.1 million over three years for the Co-ordinated Enforcement and Support to Eliminate (CEASE) Domestic Violence Program trial" to help perpetrators change their behaviour. https://www.news.com.au/finance/economy/federal-budget/federal-budget-2021-domestic-violence-prevention-receives-11-billion-funding-boost/news-story/7b307fd4f9118bc8124d921e67c3f32b

The power in understanding patterns of coercive control: Webinar on how services can support women to describe the impacts of coercive control & respond to their partner’s behaviours. June 23, hosted by AIFS @FamilyStudies, @ANROWS and the @AICriminology. https://aifs.gov.au/cfca/webinars/power-understanding-patterns-coercive-control

Your VOICE is important.
If you are aged 18+ and have ever been concerned about your behaviours in your intimate relationships in the last 5 years, The Voice Project would like to invite you to take part in a paid, anonymous and confidential survey: https://lnkd.in/gif2k7N


Interventions for perpetrators of domestic, family and sexual violence in Australia

To support the growing policy focus on perpetrators of domestic, family and sexual violence, ANROWS commissioned and published 20 relevant research reports between 2018 and 2020. This paper synthesises their key findings and the recommendations arising from these findings.

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ANROWS appoints new Chief Executive Officer

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ANROWS appoints new Chief Executive Officer

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