National Reconciliation Week 2017

Special collection cover

As we acknowledge National Reconciliation Week in this Notepad, ANROWS is pleased to announce the establishment of an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Group to assist the development and support of research specific to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populations within the Perpetrator Interventions Research Stream. The Stream is a priority within the Second Action Plan of the National Plan to Reduce Violence Against Women and Their Children 2010-2022 (‘National Plan’) and is jointly funded by the Commonwealth, state and territory governments. Funding for the Stream is in place until mid-2019.

The Advisory Group will give expert advice to ANROWS to develop procurement methods, research processes, and sharing of research under Research Priority 4.2: Understanding the role of Lore, Law and Culture in interventions with Indigenous perpetrators. It will also provide support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander researchers funded under the Indigenous-specific research priorities in the Perpetrators Intervention Research Stream.

ANROWS is honoured to have a number of highly respected and knowledgeable academics, researchers and practitioners from across Australia as members of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Group. 

This week ANROWS has also launched the ANROWS special collection: Violence against women in Aboriginal and Torrest Strait Islander communities, an annotated list of resources to serve as a starting point for people looking for information about sector issues relevant to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.