Introducing the CALD PAR initiative

Learning from successful prevention strategies to reduce violence against women and their children and improving pathways into violence against women support services, the ANROWS Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Projects with Action Research Support (CALD PAR) is a two year initiative funded by the Department of Social Services (DSS) to support practitioners to capture and share such lessons.  Using a similar capacity building approach to that used in the successful Building Safe Communities for Women and their Children initiative, this ANROWS initiative is also using an action research cycle.  The approach involves planning and documenting project actions; reflecting on the information gathered, specifically what was effective and not; and changing strategies or plans in response to these learnings. .

All projects under this initiative were selected and funded by DSS and will be completed by November 2019. There are 26 projects in total: 18 community based projects in the CALD Communities Leading Prevention stream and eight community based projects in the Safer Pathways for CALD women stream. Project overviews are available here.

ANROWS staff have facilitated a national workshop and visited 16 of the 26 community based projects to date. In partnership with Our Watch they are facilitating the development of a community of practice for both the prevention and the safer pathways streams in this initiative.

"Postcards from the field", with updates on the CALD PAR projects visited by the ANROWS team will be shared in Notepad from time to time over the life of the initiative. 

Further information about ANROWS Action Research Support projects and resources is available here.