ANROWS Action Research Evaluation of the Local Council Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Toolkit

ANROWS is being funded by the Department of Social Services to test the effectiveness of the Local Council Domestic and Family Violence (DFV) Prevention Toolkit (the toolkit) that is currently being trialled in selected sites. The evaluation runs from April 2018 until June 2019 and is using an action research approach with five local councils across Australia:

  • City of Charles Sturt, South Australia
  • Latrobe City Council, Victoria
  • Mackay Regional Council, Queensland
  • City of Mandurah, Western Australia
  • City of Parramatta Council, New South Wales.

The evaluation aims to identify any necessary amendments and document case studies for inclusion in the final product, which is due to be launched nationally in 2019.

The purpose of the toolkit is to provide local councils across Australia with practical information and resources to help them in partnering with their communities to plan and implement local DFV prevention activities.

The toolkit will provide evidence-based resources, tools and templates to enable, empower, and encourage local councils to begin to take action, and sustain this action to reduce DFV. For example:

  • Gaining buy-in from elected councillors and management
  • Establishing an internal working group
  • Undertaking a gender audit of councils’ policies and procedures
  • Identifying key internal and external stakeholders
  • Partnering with community organisations to provide training and awareness-raising workshops.

ANROWS is providing support to each of the five trial sites to incorporate action research processes into their monitoring and evaluation work. The trial sites plan and implement activities and collect data on the activities’ effectiveness and impact. They then use the data to reflect on how the activities can be improved in the future. This approach helps build the capacity of local governments to undertake basic research and incorporate evaluation processes into their work.

ANROWS is contracted to provide the following to the trial sites:

  • Support an action research approach to evaluation.
  • Develop a feedback mechanism to support the ongoing review and refinement of the toolkit during the trial phase.
  • Establish and support a Community of Practice (CoP) between the sites to facilitate information sharing and collaboration.
  • Develop an appropriate monitoring and evaluation framework in consultation with the sites to support reporting on progress and short-term outcomes.

ANROWS Contacts:

Dr Peter Ninnes, Project Manager

Tel: 0432 614 970 Email:

Celeste Koens, Project Officer

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