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Violence against women and children affects everybody. It impacts on the health, wellbeing and safety of a significant proportion of Australians throughout all states and territories and places an enormous burden on the nation’s economy across family and community services, health and hospitals, income-support and criminal justice systems.


News and events

ANROWS hosts events as part of its knowledge transfer and exchange work, including public lectures, workshops and research launches. Details of upcoming ANROWS activities and news are available from the list on the right.



ANROWS was established by the Commonwealth and all state and territory governments of Australia to produce, disseminate and assist in applying evidence for policy and practice addressing violence against women and their children.



To support the take-up of evidence, ANROWS offers a range of resources developed from research to support practitioners and policy-makers in delivering evidence-based interventions.

Intimate partner sexual violence

To mark Sexual Assault Awareness Month in April, ANROWS released a new research synthesis on intimate partner sexual violence (IPSV). IPSV is a tactic of intimate partner violence, and research and practice knowledge suggest it is more prevalent than what is indicated by the data reported through official mechanisms.

The ANROWS research synthesis on IPSV explores characteristics of IPSV, current service responses and prevention activities. The paper highlights that IPSV is a high risk indicator with serious and long-lasting effects.

The paper considers community attitudes toward IPSV and looks at the barriers to recognising, reporting, responding to, preventing, and researching IPSV. Recommendations for policy and practice are included.

Find more research syntheses and other occasional papers, on a range of topics, on the ANROWS website.

Evaluation readiness, program quality and outcomes in men’s behaviour change programs

With a shift away from the victim-blaming question of “why doesn’t she leave?” to the more relevant question of “why doesn’t he stop using violence?” there has been increased interest in men’s behaviour change programs (MBCPs). This week ANROWS published new research led by Professor Andrew Day which explored standards of practice and accreditation frameworks for MBCPs, and options for strengthening the quality and safety of MBCPs. The Research report is available on the ANROWS website, along with the Research to policy and practice paper which outlines recommendations for improving outcome evaluation and program quality.

New research & resources

For a broad range of research and resources, including grey literature, see the ANROWS Library. See some recently-added research and resources, below.


Identifying economic abuse for women with disability in Victoria: A toolkit

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In the media

Read some recent news and analysis relating to violence against women.

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Get involved

Participate in research

Preventing gender-based violence in inpatient mental health units

Researchers from RMIT are looking for interview participants for an ANROWS-funded study about preventing gender-based violence in inpatient mental health units.

Register your interest or find out more here.

Self-represented parties in Australian Family Law proceedings

People who have represented themselves, or whose partner has represented themselves, in family law proceedings, where their case involved domestic violence, are sought to participate in an interview to support an ANROWS research project.

To register or find out more, visit https://www.facebook.com/selfrepfamilylaw/ or contact the project team via [email protected].

The relationship between gambling and domestic violence against women

ANROWS is funding a CQUniversity study into the relationship between gambling and domestic violence against women. The researchers are seeking participation from women who have experienced violence and men who have used violence, and are impacted by problem gambling.

To find out more, please contact CQUniversity via the project website, or email: [email protected].


Make a submission

Court and tribunal information: access, disclosure and publication | Closes 31 May 2019

The NSW Law Reform Commission is reviewing the operation of suppression and non-publication orders and access to information in NSW courts and tribunals.

They are inviting preliminary submissions to help them frame the issues that we should address in consultations.

To make a preliminary submission, visit their website.

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