Prioritising women’s safety in Australian perpetrator interventions: The purpose and practices of partner contact

Project summary - RP.17.11

This project will provide a deeper understanding of how men’s behaviour change programs (MBCPs) support women and children through partner contact (PC). This understanding will contribute to improved quality of services provided to victims by identifying gaps between theory and practice and providing practice guidance and considerations for the field. It is a well-established expectation of the perpetrator intervention system that women and children are provided appropriate support, and this research will help identify how best to achieve this. It will also highlight the importance of PC as an opportunity for meaningful engagement; a key accountability and quality assurance measure within perpetrator interventions; and to provide a means of minimising collusion and increasing accountability around self-reporting. This project will help establish perspective on considerations for good practice across all of this diversity. It will provide an important, and internationally significant, influence to the development of quality responses, adding to the evidence base for this work. 


A mixed methods design is proposed which includes:

  1. A literature review. 
  2. Survey of MBCP providers nationally and a short survey of women whose partners have attended MBCPs.
  3. In-depth interviews with managers, facilitators and PC providers. 

Incorporating these three approaches will contribute to triangulation of data and developing a detailed understanding about partner contact in the context of MBCPs.

Priority populations 

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, Culturally and Linguistically Diverse women, lesbian, gay, bisexual trans* and intersex women, women who live in rural and remote areas (as a focus). 


Project Lead

Prof Donna Chung

Research expertise

  1. Mr Damian Green, Curtin University
  2. Sarah Anderson, Curtin University
  3. Mr Rodney Vlais, Independent researcher, VIC

Practice expertise

  1. Stopping Family Violence Inc. WA

Project length

2 years