Child at risk electronic medical record alert

Project summary RP.17.06

Public health services are uniquely positioned to respond to women and children experiencing violence. This project seeks to understand the impact of a Child-At-Risk (CAR) electronic Medical Record (eMR) alert information sharing system on outcomes for women and children. The CAR alert is an alert applied to the eMR of children and at-risk pregnant women reported to the NSW Health Child Wellbeing Unit or the NSW Child Protection Helpline. The Northern NSW Local Health District (NNSW LHD) is seeking to understand whether use of the alert results in improved responses. This is the first study of its kind and, to date, the literature on these systems is small. Two staff groups will be surveyed. Group 1 (n=100) will be staff who have applied a CAR alert to the eMR of an at-risk pregnant woman or child. Group 2 (n=100) will be staff who have recently provided a health care service to a patient who has a CAR alert on their eMR. Via email and telephone, staff will be surveyed about the impact of the alert on their practice in responding to violence, abuse and neglect of women and children.


Project lead

Ms Rosemaria Flaherty, Northern New South Wales Local Health District (Service-led & Early Career Researcher)

Research expertise

Prof Fiona Arney, University of South Australia

Priority populations

Women who live in rural and remote areas (as a focus).

Project length

< 1 year