The MuSeS project: Multicultural and settlement services supporting women experiencing violence

Project summary - RP.17.04

There is increasing interest in reaching immigrant and refugee women experiencing violence through settlement and multicultural services, as all evidence suggests that women who have resettled in Australia face a range of particular and additional barriers that undermine access to violence-specific services. This project aims to provide evidence about the current and potential role of settlement and multicultural services in supporting immigrant and refugee women experiencing violence. It includes a specific focus on the interaction between the mental health of refugee women and family violence, identifying opportunities for specialist torture and trauma rehabilitation services to support refugee women experiencing family violence. 


Project lead

Dr Cathy Vaughan, University of Melbourne (Early Career Researcher)

Research expertise

  1. Dr Lana Zannettino, Flinders University
  2. Dr Linda Murray, University of Tasmania
  3. Dr Karen Block, University of Melbourne
  4. Dr Adele Murdolo,  Multicultural Centre For Women's Health Inc.
  5. Dr Regina Quiazon, Multicultural Centre For Women's Health Inc.

Practice expertise

  1. Mr Dean Barker, Australian Red Cross, TAS
  2. Ms Wendy Lobwein, Senior Manager PVAW, AMES, VIC
  3. Ms Eugenia Tsoulis, CEO, Australian Migrant Resource Centre (South Australia)
  4. Mr Jo Szwarc, Manager Research and Policy,  Foundation House (The Victorian Foundation for Survivors of Torture Inc)

Priority populations

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse women (as explicit topic).

Project length

2+ years



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