The relationship between gambling and domestic violence against women

Project summary - RP.17.01

This national project is a partnership between CQ University, Australian Institute of Family Studies, Relationships Australia (Qld, NSW, SA), Financial Counselling Australia, WHIN, Crossroads and Cairns Regional Domestic Violence Service, which will build capacity, strengthen inter-sector links, and widely translate new knowledge to inform policy, programs and practice. It aims to investigate the nature of the relationship between gambling and domestic violence (DV), including the role of gambling in economic abuse and the use of gambling venues as “safe spaces” for women experiencing violence. The key research questions are:

1. How might problem gambling contribute to DV towards women when 1) the DV is linked to the perpetrator’s (man’s) gambling or 2) linked to the victim’s (woman’s) gambling?

2. How might DV contribute to gambling problems when women DV victims use gambling as a coping mechanism and/or venues as “safe spaces”?

3. How might problem gambling contribute to the economic abuse of women to sustain the perpetrator’s gambling, and pose risks to women when acting to protect family finances?

4. What are the distinctive experiences of gambling-related DV and DV-related gambling for older women?


Project Lead 

Prof Nerilee Hing, Central Queensland University

Research expertise

  1. Erika Langham, Central Queensland University
  2. Prof Annabel Taylor, Central Queensland University
  3. Dr Catherine O'Mullan, Central Queensland University
  4. Lydia Mainey, Central Queensland University
  5. Nancy Greer, Central Queensland University
  6. Dr Andrew Frost, Central Queensland University
  7. Dr Elaine Nuske, Australian Catholic University
  8. Prof Alun Jackson, Jackson Consulting; University of Melbourne
  9. Dr Rebecca Jenkinson, Australian Institute of Family Studies
  10. Dr Angela Rintoul, Australian Institute of Family Studies
  11. Julie Deblaquiere, Australian Institute of Family Studies
  12. Dr Anna Thomas, RMIT University

Practice expertise

  1. Dr Jemima Petch, Relationships Australia, QLD
  2. Aditi Lohan, Relationships Australia, QLD
  3. Dr Jamie Lee, Relationships Australia, SA
  4. Alisha Heidenreich, Relationships Australia, SA
  5. Dr Jen Hamer, Relationships Australia, NSW
  6. Fiona Loaney, Relationships Australia, ACT
  7. Felicity Hamilton, Relationships Australia, ACT
  8. Sandra Morris, Women's Health in The North Inc. VIC
  9. Blanca Ramos, The Salvation Army Australia Southern Territory Social Work, VIC
  10. Amanda Lee-Ross, Cairns Regional Domestic Violence Service, QLD
  11. Ms Lauren Levin, Financial Counselling Australia, QLD

Project length

2+ years