Engaging men: Invitational-narrative approaches

Project Summary - PI.17.12

Summary and Method 

The project will conduct a developmental evaluation of narrative therapy approaches practised by Uniting Care and document the processes of engagement when domestic and family violence (DFV) is noticed in individual, couple and family counselling. This qualitative study will use: a literature review; organisation mapping documenting the scope, nature and complexity of the DFV work undertaken by the partner agencies; and interviews with men, partners/ex-partners and therapists (n=40 for each) to provide a holistic understanding of men’s experiences of engagement, behaviour and attitudinal change, accountability and responsibility.  

Proposed Outcomes

Project outcomes will provide greater understanding of the therapeutic and service delivery practices that lead men to engage with, or disengage from programs, and will specifically contribute to a growing understanding of key values and principles of narrative therapy that support engagement and enable change. 

Project Lead

Professor Sarah Wendt, Flinders University

Research expertise

  1. Dr Fiona Buchanan, University of South Australia
  2. Dr Kate Seymour, Flinders University
  3. Dr Rebecca Gray, Relationships Australia NSW
  4. Dr Tim Broady, Research Partner Relationships Australia NSW

Practitioner expertise

  1. Mr Chris Dolman, Research Partner Uniting Communities
  2. Mr Daniel Moss, Uniting Communities

Project length

1.5 years