Evaluating community-based approaches to sexual offender reintegration

Project Summary - PI.17.05

Perpetrator interventions strategic research priority 3.1 Best practice models for sexual assault perpetrators

This project will evaluate two sex offender programs for high risk offenders exiting prison: South Australia's trial Circles of Support and Accountability program; and Queensland’s Uncle Alfred’s Townsville program. The qualitative evaluations will involve interviews with offenders supported through the programs, program staff/Elders, and victims/survivors and other stakeholders (e.g. police and other service providers). This project will have outcomes for both of the programs being evaluated including an evaluation of the ‘fitness’ of each of the programs as well as supporting the two programs to build ongoing evaluation into their operations. More broadly, the evaluation will add to the evidence base about whether or how reintegration programs can work with other risk and offender management strategies. 


Project Lead

Dr Kelly Richards, Queensland University of Technology

Research expertise

  1. Associate Professor Kieran McCartan, University of the West of England
  2. Dr Jodi Death, Queensland University of Technology 

Policy expertise

  1. Mr Leigh Garrett, Offenders' Aid and Rehabilitation Service of South Australia
  2. Mr Mark Rallings, Queensland Corrective Services

Practitioner expertise

  1. Ms Carol Ronkin, Bravehearts Inc.

Research partners

  1. The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner (or senior representative).
  2. A senior representative of Townsville’s Community Justice Group.
  3. A senior representative of Bravehearts to ensure the research is sensitive to the needs of victim/survivors of sexual violence.

Project length

1.5 years