State of knowledge on knowledge translation and exchange within the violence against women field

Project Summary

The idea and practice of knowledge translation, that is bridging the “know-do” gap is a vital component of the work of ANROWS. This is particularly important given the key functions of ANROWS: to focus on translating evidence into information to support ongoing improvements in the work of practitioners; to help inform policy development and service delivery responses.

This state of knowledge report supports ANROWS’s knowledge translation activities and research dissemination strategies. It pays particular attention to:

  • How do dissemination and knowledge translation strategies work best in translating research findings into practice in the field of violence against women?
  • What are the similarities and differences in knowledge translation needs in the sexual assault sector compared to domestic violence sectors, and for the different communities and types of practitioners (i.e. policy-makers, researchers and service providers as well as specialist vs generalist workers and professional vs semi-professional etc.)?
  • What are the most appropriate dissemination strategies to increase violence against women research’ reach to policy-makers and service-providers?

This project provides information on how research may be presented in a way that is accessible and most likely to influence changes in policy and practice.


Principal chief investigator:

Dr Robyn Mildon, Director of Knowledge Exchange and Implementation, Parenting Research Centre (PRC)

Chief investigators:

Dr Michelle Macvean, Manager of Knowledge Synthesis, PRC.

Mr Ben Devine, Research Officer, PRC.

Ms Kate Spalding, Senior Research Analyst, PRC.

Ms Jessica Falkiner, Research Assistant, PRC.

Dr Catherine Wade, Senior Manager, PRC.

Ms Faye Forbes, Research Assistant, PRC.

Research partners / team members:

Ms Megan Van Den Berg and Ms Rebecca Mills, Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency.

Ms Vig Geddes, Ms Delany Woodlock and Ms Mandy McKenzie, Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria.

Associate Professor Annie Cossins, University of New South Wales.


Review of the evidence on knowledge translation and exchange in the violence against women field: State of knowledge

Review of the evidence on knowledge translation and exchange in the violence against women field: Key findings and future directions

Estimated end date: 
This project was completed in April 2015.


$37,300 (approx.)