Every aspect of our work is motivated by the right of women and their children to live free from violence and in safe communities. Our role involves us working with a wide range of stakeholders, including current and future funders; domestic, family and sexual violence services providers; primary prevention organisations; peak bodies; and researchers to achieve this objective.

We also recognise and respect diversity among women and their children. We will ensure our engagement with stakeholders is inclusive of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and communities; culturally and linguistically diverse women and communities; women with disability; gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender, intersex and queer women; and rural and remote women and communities.  

We are committed to ongoing engagement processes to inform our work and meet our stakeholders’ expectations. We will consult with funders, service providers, peak bodies and researchers in the development of ANROWS initiatives. We will work in collaboration with our stakeholders to achieve mutually agreed outcomes.

Our work with stakeholders will be underpinned by the following core principles. That:

  • Input from victims/survivors of domestic, family and sexual violence, and their children, is welcome and encouraged;
  • The National Research Agenda is the source of ANROWS research priorities;
  • Funders contribute to ANROWS to ensure the development of evidence based policy, programs and service delivery for improved outcomes across Australia;
  • Stakeholders, including funders, have knowledge and access to resources that can support the development and implementation of ANROWS research projects;
  • Our engagement strategies are focussed according to stakeholders’ needs and expectations; and
  • ANROWS exercises its independence in the publication and promotion of research findings.  

We will provide relevant and timely information to our stakeholders and the broader community on the operations and key activities of ANROWS and we will report annually on our stakeholder engagement activities.

Practitioner Engagement Group (PEG)

ANROWS has established an advisory group, the ANROWS Practitioner Engagement Group (PEG), to assist in the translation of research to practice.  The PEG will promote interaction and knowledge sharing between ANROWS, the specialist women’s services sector and the broader community services sectors.