Becoming a peer assessor

ANROWS maintains a database of approved peer assessors with expertise in a range of areas within the field of violence against women. ANROWS peer assessors are called upon to carry out a range of activities to assess and / or review research projects and publications. Submissions for inclusion in the database are considered by ANROWS's Board.

ANROWS welcomes applications from suitable people who wish to become a peer assessor, all year round. If you have expertise relevant to the field of violence against women and their children, either as a researcher, senior practitioner, policy officer or community leader, you are invited to apply by sending a current résumé and an outline of your areas of expertise to

Peer assessors are financially compensated for their services when this type of work is considered outside of their usual paid employment. In most cases, peer assessors’ role on any given ANROWS publication or research project will be acknowledged on our website.