Selection process

The selection of projects for ANROWS grants follows the process outlined below.

1. Call for applications

ANROWS publicly announces a call for applications. Applications can be submitted by individuals working in, or associated with, academic and research institutions, non-government organisations (NGOs) and community organisations. Joint applications between partnering organisations are encouraged.

2. Initial processing of applications

Applications are processed by ANROWS staff to ensure project requirements are met.

3. Selection of researchers for projects

Peer assessors for each project review applications individually before meeting. Peer assessors may request applicants attend an interview to expand on their application. All projects will be assessed against the selection criteria, and referees will be contacted for researchers on shortlisted projects.

The ANROWS Board considers the recommendations of the peer reviewers in determining successful applications. Consideration is given to the balance of the program as a whole, including having varied sized projects, projects from all jurisdictions, both early career and established academics, both qualitative and quantitative methods etc.  

ANROWS will then contact successful applicants.

Feedback reports will be sent to unsuccessful applicants.

4. Preparation and signing of funding agreements/contracts.

Where appropriate, a detailed research design, including refining methodology and budget, will be requested from the preferred researchers with input from the advisory group.

For all projects, funding agreements including a refined research design will then be prepared, negotiated and signed by the researcher and ANROWS. These agreements will include a schedule containing budgets, reporting milestones and payments, and expected project outcomes.

5. Publication of successful grants on the ANROWS website

Successful researchers for these projects will be announced publicly and published on the ANROWS website.