Criteria for the selection of research applications

There are no currently open grants rounds at ANROWS, but the following information describes our selection process.

ANROWS selects researchers based on the merit of their applications. This is determined by a panel of ANROWS peer assessors who make recommendations to the ANROWS Board after applying common selection criteria across applications.

The minimum selection criteria for ANROWS grant applications are provided below. Additional selection criteria generally apply for each funding round. These are provided in the Information for Applicants published for that specific current funding round.     

Selection criteria for ANROWS grant applications

1. Research project

  • Response to any specified additional criteria for the project, such as active collaboration with, or involvement of, specific groups or sub-populations where appropriate (e.g. certain types of service providers or policy-makers, Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander communities or organisations, women with disability).

2. Desirable features for ANROWS projects

  • Incorporation of elements of the desirable features for ANROWS research projects (i.e. capacity building, multi-jurisdictional, or innovative methodology).

3. Methodology and timelines

  • The validity of the proposed methodology outlined and its consistency and appropriateness for the project in terms of anticipated outcome and proposed timeframe.
  • Ethical considerations regarding the methodology, including the likelihood that it will receive approval from an appropriate Human Research Ethics Committee.
  • Identification of appropriate mechanisms within the project design to maintain the safety of, and support for, women and children affected by the research. 

4. Budget

  • Provision of a preliminary itemised budget (note this will be the subject of negotiation as the research design is refined).
  • Consistency between the budget and the methodology.
  • Justification for a reasonable and cost-effective budget.

5. Proposed dissemination strategies

  • Identification of possible dissemination strategies.
  • Explanation of why these strategies are best suited to the project.
  • Identification of how these strategies will result in the best knowledge transfer and impact on policy and/or service delivery.

6. Track record of applicants

  • The project team demonstrates sufficient expertise and relevant experience to successfully complete the proposed research.
  • The applicants’ track record and referees’ reports reflect their capacity to complete the proposed project on time and within budget.
  • At least one referee provided by the applicant must support the project team’s capacity to engage with the relevant target group or audience. For example, where the project concerns government agencies or a specific sub-population group, at least one referee should be from government or that sub-population group respectively.