Applying for a grant

Researchers from Australian-based academic and research institutions, non-government organisations (NGOs) and community organisations are eligible to apply for ANROWS grants.

Applicants should refer to the relevant Information for applicants document that can be accessed for open grants round from Current grants before submitting their application. This guide contains all of the relevant information to submit an application including all of the information available on the ANROWS website.

Applications must be submitted using the online form. Applications must be for at least one of the current funding round's research priorities available in Section 3 of the Information for applicants document. 

Applications will be assessed by a panel of peer assessors, comprised of academic and non-academic experts in the field. Successful researchers will be selected based on merit against the program selection criteria.

Collaborative projects and joint applications are welcomed. In particular, partnerships between academic institutions and community-based and service delivery organisations are encouraged. ANROWS can assist organisations in finding potential partners for collaborative research projects.

For further enquiries about the application process, please contact ANROWS.