Action research project story template

This webinar discusses the use of narrative and storying to report and share findings of action research. 

Liz Orr discusses a project story template, designed with input from BSCW projects, that can be used to provide a structure for presenting information about the activities and findings of the action research undertaken by BSCW projects.  During the webinar examples from several BSCW projects are used to illustrate how the template is already being used by BSCW projects to report on their plans, activities, outcomes and changes that have occurred over the life of their projects.

It is suggested that the project story template can be modified to suit BSCW projects preferred ways of sharing findings with communities and to report to DSS.  All BSCW projects are invited to trial and give feedback about the project story template via email to

The ANROWS Action Research Support team  invites all BSCW projects to submit their project stories to them, regardless of what stage their projects are up to, for inclusion to a report to DSS, and for consideration for inclusion in a future  ANROWS Footprints publication on the use of action research approaches in the prevention of violence against women projects. 

Action research project story template (Word)